LANTZ: This summer, July 14-16, the East Hants Sportsplex will be the home of Tide Fest, a community celebration the first of its’ kind on East Hants.

Kody Blois, one of the main organizers behind the event, says planning has been underway for months and the two-day festival will have something for everyone.

The event will have an attempt to break the biggest washer toss tournament world record; a music festival; a ball hockey tournament; games; raffles; and markets. The East Hants Sports Hall of Fame induction will also take place during the weekend. Food and drinks will also be available and participating food vendors will be announced in the coming weeks.

Months of preparations have been going into the festival, which will have a coming home vibe. The celebration of community already has interest from those from here who currently live away.

“The mission of the event is to bring together the community of East Hants – as the first official homecoming event to take place here, we hope to provide a wide range of activities that families, friends and businesses will all enjoy and benefit from,” said Blois.

Tickets for the event are available online at, or at the following locations;

East Hants Sportsplex

Anthony’s Freshmart

McNeill’s Shell

Leno’s Stop Shop and

Shooters Bar and Grill.

In addition to having a cultural and entertainment component for residents within the Municipality and abroad, Tide Fest has the ability to harness economic, tourism, and social opportunities.

Economic: Tide Fest has the ability to create economic benefit in a variety of different ways. First is the influx of participants we expect Tide Fest to draw from inside and from outside the Municipality. It is expected that this event will garner interest from the residents of the Municipality, and draw visitors who have ties to East Hants from the rest of the Province, the Atlantic region, and from international destinations.

This allows for local businesses to benefit from an influx spending. Businesses operating in the service industry, notably tourism, restaurants, and accommodation are likely to benefit the most. However, the event itself will offer business opportunities for vendors and those businesses which will be required to ensure Tide Fest is a successful event.

Tourism: All of our communities stand to benefit from increased exposure as a result of a festival initiative. Tide Fest in itself will be a tourism draw, and we anticipate our proximity to Halifax, and Truro allows for the perfect geography to capture many potential visitors. We believe this event can serve a showcase for those who want to enjoy our local tourism destinations.

Social: The social impacts stemming from Tide Fest are significant. Having a summer festival that brings together the community has an immeasurable benefit. Even more so the majority of the Tide Fest concept will be delivered by local non-profit and volunteer organizations. Meaning all proceeds from the event will be reinvested back into the community, by organizations that contribute to the area on a year-round basis.

Canada 150: 2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary, and Tide Fest will have events and activities which celebrate our local history, and reflect on where we have come from and what the future holds.

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Abby Cameron
Abby Cameron is the Editor of The Weekly Press and the Laker. She grew up in Shubenacadie and loves serving her home community. She has been with The Weekly Press for almost 10 years. In her spare time she enjoys kayaking, coaching, and spending time with her partner and two dogs.