ENFIELD: It isn’t very often in life that people are brave enough to stray from the path, taking the road less followed in pursuit of their dreams. Donna MacDonald wanted to be one of these people, and that why Enfield is now home to a one-of-a-kind women’s clothing store, Timeless and Twist.

Fashion was MacDonald’s first love out of high school, but like many others, she pursued a career with a bit more security in business. When the company she was working for pulled out of Halifax, she took that job loss as an opportunity. She went to work for clothing company, BCBG, and some smaller boutiques to learn the ropes of the industry, and she dove in head first, securing the location at #219 Hwy. 2 in Enfield, and getting to work.

The store carries a variety of hand picked clothing for the professional woman, she hopes to be the perfect stop for that last minute outfit, while avoiding a trip to the city. MacDonald will also be offering private consultations for women who may want to change up their style but aren’t sure just how to do it.


Although she isn’t carrying clothing for men, she has certainly taken their needs into consideration as well- especially with the Christmas season quickly approaching. MacDonald will be taking inventory of shoppers ‘likes and loves’, so when husbands, boyfriends, sons etc, are feeling at a loss while looking for the perfect gift, she will know exactly what items you need to impress.

She will also be carrying a variety of local seasonal gifts and decorations.

But for MacDonald, the new store is so much more than just that. It is easy to see throughout the amount of time, and dedication she has put into ensuring the aesthetics and comfortability of the location will make every shopper feel welcome. Her love for the store and her work adds an energy to room that is undeniable.

Once she begins to point out all the small, thoughtful details, from the design of her sign, to the decorations hung with her family in mind, one is quick to learn that this store isn’t just about fashion.

“It’s about embracing your twist, it’s about embracing your differences. It represents the fashion but it also represents embracing who you are which is something I’ve always tried to,” she said when asked why she chose the name Timeless and Twist to represent her store.

MacDonald will also be taking this opportunity to give back by selling jewelry made by those one the Autism spectrum, a cause which is near and dear to her heart, herself, having a son who is on the spectrum.

“I’m trying to follow my own dream, and that’s a part of the story, but in all of this, it’s finding a way to give back, while also being who you are. It’s ok to be classic and timeless but its ok to dress with a little twist as well.”

Timeless and Twist will be open for business Nov. 24, with a tentative grand opening date set for Dec. 10, and is sure to be a great spot for holiday shopping and beyond.

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Nicole Gnazdowsky
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