Community volunteer is the Tag $100k winner

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ENFIELD: Paul Bolivar has been playing the Tag on his lotto tickets for some 40 years. On March 23, it finally paid off to the tune of $100,000.

As he and wife Lydia checked the numbers on Saturday morning March 24, the avid community volunteer and volunteer firefighter from Enfield saw all six winning Tag numbers match up to the ones on his lotto ticket. He purchased at Enfield Pizza & Grocery, who will receive a one per cent sellers prize.

“What happens is I do them up every morning after the lotto draw, I talk with my wife and she checks the tickets,” said Bolivar. “I told someone from Enfield won the Tag, and so I gave her the last four digits. She told me they were all the same as what we had, and asked what the first two were. I told her, and they all matched.

“It was excited to get it, but at my age I wasn’t jumping up and down anyhow. We were quite pleased with it.”

Bolivar said he plans to use the winnings to fix up his house.

“The main thing I am going to do is some maintenance work around the house,” he said. “I have to sell it. I’m getting to old to maintain it.”

He said he spoke with a real estate agent previously who encouraged him to fix it up, then sell it.

“I can probably put $25-30,000 towards some repairs to the house, pay off a credit card or two, and then live my life a little easier,” said Bolivar.