No roundabout in Enfield in immediate future: TIR

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ENFIELD: The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DOTIR) has confirmed they purchased the land on Highway 2 in Enfield, HRM across from the Tim’s/Burger King.

The property is known to many locals as the Shield Property, and used to house a sports card shop and sign shop.

Rumours had begun on Facebook page “East Hants Wants to Know” from residents speculating on what it would be used for. Some had said they heard it would be for a roundabout.

However, TIR spokeswoman Marla MacInnis said there are no plans for a roundabout at Exit 7 in their five-year plan.

“The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal did purchase land in this area when it was up for sale in order to give us the option to make improvements to the intersection in the future if deemed necessary,” she said.