East Hants Scotians off to Boston tournament in July

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Players happy to be back playing with their friends on the same team

LANTZ: Getting to play together as one on the same team has many of the players on the Under-14 East Hants Scotians looking forward to a the Lady Whalers hockey tournament in July in Kingston, Mass., about 20 miles outside Boston.

Because of a realignment by Hockey N.S. of female hockey, several of the players who used to play together in East Hants were split up, so now they don’t. But with the formation of the Scotians through the Girls Rule Hockey School, they’re getting that opportunity once again.

“Being away from the girls during the regular season was hard, but we’re all back together so it’s fun,” said Sydney Clarke, who is from Elmsdale and plays wing. “I’m really excited for that.”

Rick Patey is the president of the society and team manager for the Scotians. He explained how the team came about.

“A lot of the girls went their separate ways with the way things were restructured, which has its good and bad points,” said Patey. “They wanted to play as one unit, so we worked to make that happen.”

The goalie eyes the puck during game action. (Healey photo)

He said the Scotians then joined with the hockey school, and what they did was put some of the girls on a “travel team” for the spring and summer. Fourteen of the 19 players are from East Hants. One player—a goalie—travels from the Shelburne area.

“The tournament will give them some exposure to hockey outside of the country,” he said.

Abby Totten of Belnan said she knew it would be a challenge to make the team because there was a lot of talented players to choose from.

“When I made it I was really happy,” she said, adding there were a lot of friends on the team from the Corridor. “It’s great to be with them.”

The tournament the team is going to takes place on July 13-15 in Boston, Mass. They’re holding several fundraisers to help cover team expenses. The squad is also seeking businesses to help out as sponsors.

Totten’s dad, Dave, is the head coach of the team.

A Scotian heads up the ice with the puck. (Healey photo)

Anna Patey said she’s looking forward to the fun the players will have being back together and competing with the same logo on the front of their jerseys.

“It brings us back together and it should be great,” she said. “I was very excited at the prospect.”

Patey, a center, said the tournament is high calibre and she hopes it will help her hockey career.

“It means we’re going to get to work together again as a team,” said Patey, of Enfield.

Clarke found out about the opportunity when she came home from school one day.

“Of course I was down with it,” she said.

She explained that it mean’s a lot to her to be going because it’s something new.

“We’re going to get to play against teams we have never faced,” she said.

Rick Patey said the community will be looked upon for support to help get the team on the ice in Boston.

“There’s a lot of heavy fundraising as we want to pay for the registration; some of the meals for the kids while down there; and most of our lodging,” he said.

Currently, the team is selling tickets on a Father’s Day basket, which they were set to sell on April 14 at the Elmsdale Big Stop; April 21 at Withrow’s opening for the season in Belnan. They are planning a trivia night set for May 5; an adult dance; and planning a washer toss tournament for June, just to name a few fundraisers.

The East Hants Scotians roster (as provided by the team):

D- Olivia Goodyear

D- Madison Schofield

D-Kailey Julian

D- Abby Totten

D- Sydney Clarke

D – Liberty Isenor

D- Kelly Legge

F – Jenny Clark

F – Anna Patey

F – Halle Knight

F – Olivia Conrod

F – Keyauna MacLeod

F – Ashley Harnish

F – Breanna Probert

F – Cassidy Totten

F – Angelina McCaughan

G – Callie McKay

G – Emma Swansburg (Shelburne)