Inspiring kids help out “Warrior Princess”

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ELMSDALE: A random act of kindness has grown to be bigger than Sam and Elliott Seitl of Elmsdale — and their mom Rachael McBay — ever imagined.

McBay said the two kids had planned to give out Popsicles for free in the centre of Elmsdale as a random act of kindness.

“When we saw the Go Fund Me page posted for Paige Treen and her family we decided right away that instead of giving away Popsicles for free, we would sell Popsicles and lemonade in an effort to help her and her family out,” said McBay. “The kids were so excited to be able to help.”

She said the family has known Paige and her family since she was born.

“As a child diagnosed with Zellwegger Syndrome who was never expected to live past the age of one, she truly is a miracle,” said McBay. “Her family refers to her as their “Warrior Princes” and she definitely deserves that title.”

The kids were eager to help out their friend Paige.

“We are happy to help out Paige by raising this money,” said Samantha. “It means the world to us.”

Elliott said they raised $672.65 in cash thanks to the generosity of those in the community, including Sobeys Elmsdale which allowed the two to set up on a sunny day outside the very busy store.

One of those who attended the fundraiser was Tim Reynolds who owns and operates TR Construction. He made an unbelievable proposal to McBay of what his company was willing to do to assist Paige and her family. Reynolds committed to donate $150 to Paige’s family for every project he did from July 25 until August 25.

The money raised at the fundraiser is going to be used to purchase new equipment that Paige requires and to allow both her parents to remain home with her as long as they have to without having to worry about their finances.

“We wanted to let Paige and her family know they aren’t alone,” said Samantha. “Many others out there love and care for them.”

McBay said the community response was “more than we had ever hoped for.

“It didn’t matter if they knew her or not, the minute they found out it was for a child in need they were on board with helping,” she said. “It’s so heart warming to see first hand what an incredibly supportive community we live in.”