Ledwidge Lumber celebrating 75 years

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ENFIELD: Ledwidge Lumber is a family-owned business established in 1943 by Laurie Ledwidge. At the age of 18, Laurie first began with a shingle mill.

In 1946 he started a long lumber mill but it partly burnt, losing everything but the boiler and engine. In 1948 he built a portable mill and had 12 employees.

In 1960, Laurie bought a new six-cylinder diesel engine for the mill which “put lifeblood back into the mill”. In 1962 he moved to Macphee’s Corner and sawed there until 1964 when he moved to Enfield once again. That entire mill burnt to the ground in 1970 however Laurie rebuilt in 1972. In 1988 the rebuilt mill also burnt to the ground and Laurie once again rebuilt.

Since the second rebuild in 1988, Ledwidge Lumber has been going strong. Through a lot of hard times and good faith, Ledwidge Lumber has supported three generations of the Ledwidge family and is constantly changing and growing.

The Ledwidge Lumber sawmill today has an efficient planer facility that was built in 2000, an environmentally-friendly dry kiln system that runs on wood shavings, a state-of-the-art curve-sawing HewSaw sawline that was installed in 2007 (and was the first of its kind in North America at the time).

There are many other automated advances within the mill making it a productive operation producing over 60 million fbm annually with 80+ employees.