Residents get first look at Lantz Interchange

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Proposal includes replacing overpass over river; connection from Towerview subdivision

LANTZ: Replacement of the Highway 102 overpass over Nine Mile River; a road connecting Towerview subdivision; and three roundabouts are part of the proposal residents viewed at an information session on the long overdue Lantz Interchange.

The two sessions, put on by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, took place Oct. 16 at the East Hants Sportsplex in Lantz. Representatives from the Municipality of East Hants were also there to assist those attending.

Inside the Todd Hunter Room, the afternoon session was quite busy as people came out to talk with officials who were on hand at selected areas about the proposals and maps posted on the walls and on tables for all to see.

The Scott family from Lantz check out the map showing the proposal for the new Lantz Interchange during an open house on the project, held Oct. 16 at the East Hants Sportsplex in Lantz. (Healey photo)

“Highway 214 in Elmsdale experiences a lot of congestion and challenges, so the real purpose of this project is to help the traffic issues in the area,” said Justin Tanner, Manager of Highway Planning and Design.

From those who were there, the feeling was that the project should have came about long ago-even TIR officials were in agreement at that notion. Residents were overheard asking questions about the impact on the current residents of the Towerview subdivision; the roundabouts size and ensuring they were wide enough for traffic; and about the selection of the location across from the entrance to Shaw’s.

Dwayne Cross, Senior Traffic engineer with TIR, spoke about how they came to the conclusion that the Interchange should go along the Towerview subdivision. There will be a buffer between the subdivision and the road from the interchange. It is located about two kilometres from the Elmsdale exit.

“We wanted to make sure wherever we were putting it resulted in the most relief from the congestion on Highway 214,” he said. “The study said where we’re proposing to put it will give us the bigger bang for our buck for the relief from the 214 that we desperately need to see.”

The exit off the interchange towards Elmsdale, and from Elmsdale towards Lantz, will both be widen and extended. That will mean it will create a third lane, so motorists can stay in them if they’re going from Elmsdale to Lantz and vice-versa.

The road from Towerview subdivision was a request of the Municipality of East Hants. Jesse Hulsman explained why they wanted that addition.

“We’re looking to create some connectivity to the subdivision as there is one connection allowed along the road from the interchange,” said Hulsman. “So we’ve earmarked that as where we would like that to be so there is continuous connectivity.

“It also sets up our master plan of connecting Enfield right through to Lantz for a center trail system. It promotes active transportation and healthier lifestyles.”

(Healey photo)

Tanner said residents will begin to see work very shortly.

“There will be clearing done this winter, and then most of next year will be a lot of earth movement and bridge construction,” said Tanner. “In 2020 that will continue, with paving in 2021 and then the opening later that year.”

MAIN PHOTO: Residents attending the Lantz Interchange public open house afternoon session on Oct. 16 ask questions of a TIR representative as they check out the map on the proposed location. The meeting was held at the East Hants Sportsplex. (Healey photo)