Enfield’s Kylie Cox off to 2019 Pan Am championships

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WELLINGTON: When Kylie Cox was registered for Taekwondo by her parents seven years ago, she didn’t have a choice. Now, it’s something that’s became part of her life—and one she doesn’t regret.

Now, seven years later she’s continuing with it at Inner Strength Taekwondo in Wellington and it’s led to a bronze medal at the Presidents Cup and a wildcard entry into the 2019 Pan American Cadet & Junior championship next year.

“My parents put me in Taekwondo, they didn’t ask me,” she said. “They put me, my brother and sister in because they wanted me to learn martial arts. It just became part of my routine.”

Kylie Cox kicks up her leg showing the bronze medal she won at the President’s Cup Taekwondo championship in Las Vegas, Nv. With the placing, the Enfield girl earned a Wildcard entry into the 2019 Pan American championship. She trains at Inner Strength Taekwondo in Wellington. (Healey photo)

Seven years later, the Hants East Rural High student wouldn’t have it any other way.

“It became part of me,” she said. “It’s something I’ve learned to love.”

Cox said she, along with her brother and sister, joined Inner Strength with their cousins at the same time.

“I’ve loved it ever since,” she said.

She explained why she loves it so much.

“Taekwondo is like a big family,” said Cox. “Since I’ve been in it for so long we’re so close to all the people and it teaches you so many life lessons, like respect, confidence, and courage.”

The Presidents Cup was Cox’s first international taekwondo tournament.

“Being able to win something after all the hard work I put in was amazing,” said Cox, of Enfield.

She said losing her match had a silver lining.

“Losing my fight for the silver was a good because it let me see what was out there outside of Canada for competition,” she said.

Besides the bronze medal, Cox also earned a wildcard entry into the 2019 Pan American Cadet & Junior Taekwondo championships.

“I’m really excited about getting this opportunity,” she said. “Olympic athletes will be fighting there.”