Makayla Lynn nabs Music N.S. Entertainer of the Year award

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Belnan singer, along with Middle Musqodoboit’s Hillsburn, to perform at Tree for Boston

BELNAN: Makayla Lynn might be able to fly to Boston for her Tree for Boston performance on the cloud she is still on after her Music N.S. Entertainer of the Year award win.

The Belnan singer termed winning the award from Music N.S.—an accolade voted on the fans—as “crazy.”

“I wasn’t expecting anything this year because the nominations were just good on its own,” she said. “The award being voted on fans and for me winning it makes it so valuable to me, to know people were clicking my name. It’s amazing.”

She said Entertainer of the Year is the one piece of hardware all musicians strive for—whether it’s Music N.S. all the way to the Grammy’s.

“It’s the one award everyone puts their eyes on to win,” she said. “The award is that little confirmation inside my head that me having fun out on stage playing music is working.

“It means a lot.”

Makayla Lynn spoke about her reaction when she heard her name called.

“When they say your name it’s the craziest thing,” she said. “It’s so unexpected no matter how many situations go through your head. You never actually picture what it feels like to win something like this.”

Makayla Lynn, a graduate of HERH in Milford, said she’s excited to be able to perform at the Tree for Boston ceremony on Nov. 29 on the Boston Common in Boston, Mass.

“I was so thrilled just to be asked to do that,” said Makayla Lynn. “I was asked the week after I won the award.

“I’ve always heard about the celebration but I never have been apart of it. I can’t wait to be in Boston, a place I’ve never been before.”

Another local group, Hillsburn from Middle Musquodoboit, will join Makayla Lynn at the ceremony something she’s looking forward to.

“It should be really fun,” she said. “It will be really cool to hangout and get to know them.”

She had to keep mum on news that she would be going to perform in Boston until the province officially revealed the news. She found that a bit hard to do.

“I wanted to tell everybody but I couldn’t,” she said. “I had all the pictures for the post on my Facebook page done and ready for when we could say it.”

Makayla Lynn said she’s filled with excitement as the days for the Tree for Boston performance on Nov. 29 in Boston inch closer.

“This is one of them little jittery trips because I haven’t been there before,” she said. “I get to make music with a national audience on ABC Boston TV. It’s going to be so much fun.”


MAIN PHOTO: Belnan’s Makayla Lynn is excited to be heading to perform at the Tree for Boston ceremony on Nov. 29 on the Boston Common in Boston, Mass. Here she holds her Music N.S. Entertainer of the Year award. (Healey photo)