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Moath Basil said Canadians generosity great as family settles in N.S.

ELMSDALE: In the seven months that Moath Basil and his family have called Canada home, they have experienced nothing but generosity and kindness. For the Iraqi man, that has meant the world to him.

While Basil and his family, wife Lubna Al Sabatin and three of their four children currently call Bedford home, they’re seeking out a spot in the Corridor area. They’re getting to know the community through the operation of their business NovaSell in the Elmsdale Business Park.

Basil may be of Iraqi ancestry, but has never lived there in his life—having lived in 16 countries over the previous 22 years. Canada makes that number 17. The couples children range in age from 11-14-years-old, while the oldest, a daughter, is 20 and attending university away from home.

“It has been quite a change,” said Moath. “I’ve never had a place to call home in reality.

“As you grow old you think of things a little bit different. I didn’t want my children to grow up in similar lifestyle. I want them to belong somewhere. I want them to pick some place they can call home, somewhere they belong, where they can build their connections and their life.”

Moath Basil and his family have called Canada home for the past seven months, currently living in Bedford. They are running a business in Elmsdale. He’s been blown away by the generosity from the community towards him and his family, welcoming them with open arms. (Healey photo)

He said the main objective of coming to Canada was so his children—two sons and two daughters—could pick a home.

“I looked at different programs around the world to see which would be the best for us to call home, and Nova Scotia came up in the list because of the N.S. Nominee Program for Business Entrepreneurs,” said Basil.

Basil came over by himself almost two years ago spending a couple of weeks exploring Halifax to see if it was the right fit for his family.

“I did a lot of homework, looking at crime raters; city lifestyle; different things,” he said. “I like Nova Scotia. When I came here I went around and visited multiple places across the province, including the Corridor, and I’ve fallen in love with this place.

“It’s safe; it’s slow pace which is something I see as an advantage for someone who has lived in big cities and been in the mice race for quite sometime. I found that charming.”

He also found Nova Scotia to be a beautiful place.

“I found the people are extremely kind and supportive,” said Basil.

Basil said his heart is with the Elmsdale area and he hopes to one day be living in the community with his family, but they have not found what their looking for quite yet. They currently call Bedford home, but hope to move to the Corridor this summer.

He and his family has started his business, NovaSell, through the N.S. Entrepreneur Program (Business Immigration status). They have helped from “a kind gentleman” named Taylor at the Municipality of East Hants.

“He has been extremely kind and supportive and introduced me to Bob Bona, who owns this place in the park,” said Basil recalling how he found the location for the business, next to The Barn. “I recognize the value of Bob and his contribution to the community and wanted to be associated with a quality gentleman like Bob.”

Basil said he’s also been introduced to the East Hants and Districts Chamber of Commerce; the local bank; and Leno, who is his best friend in the neighbourhood, among others.

He said the welcoming his family has received from Canadians and those is East Hants has left him excited.

“In a positive way, I’m honestly surprised with the generosity of Canadians,” said Basil. “I’ve lived in multiple countries and been blessed to meet a lot of people and blend with different cultures over the years.

“It’s been a great experience, but I’m proudly to say the kindness and the personality I have seen here in Nova Scotia specifically, and in Canada has been remarkable, trying to find a way to help.”

MAIN PHOTO: Moath Basil and wife Lubna Al Sabatin are excited to begin their new life in N.S. and call Canada their permanent home. They are looking to move the Corridor this summer, and make East Hants their place of residence for their children to grow up. (Healey photos)