Female cyclist group looking for more members

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GRAND LAKE: Cycling has been booming in popularity, and with the addition of bike lanes up Highway 2 near Grand Lake, a new chapter of Women on Wheels is hitting the streets.

Sactioned by Bike Nova Scotia, the group of female cyclists meet every Monday at Laurie Park at 5:45 p.m., pulling out on their ride at 6 p.m.

Started by Corinne Thompson and Lynne Dorcas, they would like to encourage women of all cycling skill levels to come out.

“You see so many cyclists on the road, this is an area with some high level cycling groups coming through here

with this bike lane, we thought it was perfect,” said Thompson.

There are other Women on Wheels groups in the province, but they’re scattered in their location.

“We needed a group out here, it’s an hour to drive to Musquodoboit, its even a far distance to the Bike and Bean, the chapters were quite far,” said Dorcas. “So we’re trying one here.”

Dorcas is just getting back into cycling after a few years off, and she said she loves the comfort of riding with others, especially when they’re at different skill levels.

“We’ve got all kinds of level, I’m a heart attack at the top of each hill rider, and there’s experienced riders who have been riding for years,” she said. “It’s about getting out, and meeting people of like mind.”

It’s a great way to break into the sport, the riders provide safety in numbers, and they always ride to the skill level of the group.

“There is definitely safety built into the group,” said Thompson. “Last week, I was the sweep (rider in the back). There is comfort to know that I have someone that is watching out for me, because I’m not the last one.

She added there’s always someone with the tools needed to fix any problem that could arise.

The ride is usually to the Enfield Tims and back, which is about 15 kilometres. However, some nights the group does smaller rides depending on what they want to do.

She said anyone intimidated by trying, shouldn’t be.

“The cliche is actually true, it is like riding a bike, if you learned, but haven’t done it for 15-20 years, you just need to get back on and it comes back to you.”

Thompson added it’s an escape for her.

“For me, my mind runs from the time my eyes open and my feet hit the ground, but when I’m on the bike I can’t do that,” she said. “It’s such a peaceful time.”

If anyone is interested, they can join their facebook group by searching Grand Lake Women on Wheels, or show up for a ride on Monday evenings.