Candidate Profile: Get to know Matt Southall

Online First Opinions

Southall running for People’s Party of Canada in Kings Hants

Name: Matthew Southall

Community: Kentville

Family: Mike and Cyndi Southall (Parents), Thomas and Daniel Southall (Brothers). Girlfriend Michelle MacRae.

Profession: Telecommunications Technician, Union Representative

Why are you running? I do stand-up comedy as a side hobby and take an active role in the discussion online as a freedom of speech advocate. Certain things had peaked my interest a couple years ago such as Comedian Mike Ward being fined $82,000 for a joke on stage and also intrigued by a role model Dr. Jordan Peterson’s message on Bill C-16. In my profession other things started to blip on my radar. We were the only country in the OECD to allow a certain Chinese company to provide our network and telecommunications equipment. Now we face high prices with our current situation with China. This is slowing our growth in an industry where more and more Canadians cry out for options. I also see the customers and their woes that they confide in me. I see people in rural Nova Scotia with a 2010 Honda that their grandmother gifted them struggling to put their winter tires on—because they cannot afford to own any. I see these young men and women taking the hikes it sometimes takes for employment into the city only to see more taxes on gasoline cripple their budget. People aren’t going paycheck to paycheck anymore; they are sadly starting to go couch to couch… Yes, I am one of the former Liberal supporting candidates Mr. Bernier talks about who has come to his senses. I became disenfranchised with what I thought the principles of liberalism was almost immediately after Mr. Trudeau’s election, so I started to research Libertarianism and Conservatism. Mr. Bernier caught my attention during the conservative leadership race. He stood for the same things that I did, and with courage. He was an individualist thinker with words backed by my cross examinations. I was contacted by my Kings-Hants EDA (newly formed) and asked to help with their social media as I had worked with a team of two on a Facebook page Canadians for Liberty as an editor. That turned into me being acclaimed as the candidate after several EDA meetings as I suppose they felt I had the ‘gift of the gab’. I think I received that from my Newfoundland Mother, and thankfully so as it has helped me to engage with so many unique Canadians.

What do you see as the top issue in your riding? Quite honestly the top issue mentioned is Health care, which unfortunately is not something I can advise on in depth as this should be and is a question for our provincial MLAs to discuss. The second most mentioned issue are concerns for individual freedoms which, if elected to represent the constituents of Kings-Hants, I would have more ability to affect (Freedom of speech, freedom of thought, conscience, religion, freedom of assembly and more all encompassed under the laws respecting individual rights and freedoms).

Do you have a hidden talent? I am extremely good working with my hands in creating art from carving to acrylic painting, to woodworking, gardening, cooking, and landscaping. I pick up and drop these hobbies sporadically as I age.

What is your hope for your riding?

That we will be the bastions in exemplifying an open mind and respect to people of all backgrounds and thoughts. That we find help for the homeless and mentally unwell. That we provide reliably immediate and thorough crisis mental health care in a compassionate way. That we will see small business’ be made easier to start and more profitable to maintain. That gun owners will feel secure that their rights will not be infringed. That we will convey the message of small farm owners to the public that supply management does not help them all and most certainly hurts consumers. That Veterans get the help they need. That interprovincial trade barriers be eliminated to enable free trade domestically. That the car and motorcycle community will not have to worry about losing their passion by having their vehicles over-taxed off the road. That the left and the right come together to communicate and debate rather than straw-man and dissociate. That we do not neglect and instead build and invest in the communities outside the main town limits.

How to contact you?, Facebook: Matthew Southall Twitter: TheMattSouthy (soon to launch) Campaign office and phone line soon to come and will be announced on our Facebook Kings-Hants PPC Electoral District Association page.