Showing off their Disability Pride

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ENFIELD: Athena Lemczyk was proudly moving her clapper as she prepared to take part in the inaugural Disability Pride Day events, which kicked off with a short parade on Sept. 20 in Enfield.

Close to 30 people walked from the community gardens to the old Enfield School which now houses Corridor Community Options for Adults.

Enfield RCMP helped with the parade by ensuring they all got across the road safely. (Healey photos

Parade participants wheel and walk along the sidewalk during the parade on Sept. 21. (Healey photo)
Two Enfield RCMP officers got into the Disability Pride day spirit by donning headbands handed out for the inaugural event, held Sept. 21 in Enfield. (Healey photo)
Leno Ribahi and his sons took part in the Disability Pride Day events, which kicked off Sept. 21 with a short parade. (Healey photo)