Community Rider offering free rides to the polls

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EAST HANTS: Kings-Hants is a large riding, and the East Hants and Area Community Rider is doing their part to ensure transportation will not be an issue during the upcoming federal election.

Phil Laven, the Communications Coordinator with Community Rider said they are proud to offer the service.

“We had planned it would be free transportation on election day, because transportation should not be a barrier to vote,” he said. “Everyone deserves to take part and we’re doing what we can to help.”

To ensure your drive, they ask you contact dispatch before end of day on Thursday, Oct. 17. Usually 24 hours is required to book a drive, however due to dispatch hours, they are asking for extra time.

You can book by calling the office at (902) 883-4716 or by emailing

“You are also welcome to pay for booking the Community Rider to transport people to and from events throughout the election,” said Laven. “If you have any questions about how our service works, or in general about the East Hants Community Learning Association, please feel free to connect.”

Free rides for voting aren’t the only free trips offered by Community Rider.

“We choose a few events each year that we feel should be free. We do a senior’s shopping trip to Mic Mac Mall around Christmas time to ensure seniors have shopping accessibility,” said Laven.

Be sure to book your trip to the polls soon