No fire protection concern with Hydes Bridge closure

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LANTZ: Fire protection won’t be impeded with Hydes Bridge on Hwy 277 in Lantz shutdown until further notice by the provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR).

On Nov.8, TIR announced the bridge was closed and that a detour for motorists in the area was in place. That detour includes using Hwy 2, Elmsdale Road, and then Dutch Settlement Road to get around the closure.

The closure made us at The Weekly Press think about fire protection for those just on the other side of the bridge, especially for any major calls.

Glen Paul, fire chief with Lantz Fire, said their primary protection is on the Hants County side while Station 40 in Dutch Settlement deals with the HRM side.

“Typically if a call for service is of any magnitude we do run mutual aid with Station 40 with the Hydes Bridge as an access point,” said Paul.

He said mutual aid is also run between Elmsdale Fire and Station 40 as well as Milford Fire and Station 40 across the Milford Road.

“We have been in contact with HRM 40, Elmsdale Fire, and Milford Fire for awareness that the bridge is out so we know not to depend on a primary second response directly between Lantz and Station 40, but Elmsdale and or Milford will be the second due into HRM depending on what area the call might originate in,” said Paul. “For Lantz, our second and third in units have always been Elmsdale and Milford Fire.”

He said the closure doesn’t mean the units won’t respond in if an incident requires it, but the time they arrive will be longer. Paul said Lantz has three or four members that live on the HRM side of Hydes Bridge, and the closure will impact their time to get to the station at the onset of a call.

“We will have to use alternate routes, but there will already be help on the way from other neighbouring departments,” he said.