Making Christmas morning magical

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Three Kennetcook girls holding bake sale on Nov. 24

at the Freshmart to raise money to sponsor a child

KENNETCOOK: Three young girls are looking to make Christmas morning magical for a child or two like them this holiday season. Now all they need is the communities support to make that inspiring idea a reality.

Zoey Grant; Sophie Hamilton; and Emily Beaton, all of Kennetcook, are holding a bake sale from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Nov. 24 at the Freshmart in Kennetcook. It’s to help raise money to sponsor a child through the Christmas Angel Tree Program.

What makes this good gesture even more special is their ages. The girls are just six—soon to be seven as Emily says—and seven-years-old. They often talk among themselves and their mothers about wanting to do things for others that will make things better.

“We like to help people, like the kids in our school,” said Zoey when asked why the girls wanted to do the fundraiser.

During a play-date at the park recently, Sophie’s mom asked the girls if there were any kids at the school that needed help. Zoey said they couldn’t think of any.

“We all sat down and tried to think of what we could do to help people, and Sophie’s mom asked if we thought sponsoring a child for the Christmas Angel tree program would be a good idea,” said Zoey with a smile as wide as can be. “And we all really liked it.

The three explained they’re in a group called Girl Power, and the group likes to help if someone is feeling sad or alone.

“Girl power is about helping others, and doing it with your friends is really fun,” said Sophie.

The amount each was expecting to raise is set at $200. However, they would like to get $400 or more.

Emily said helping makes her feel good inside.

“It makes us feel happy inside because we are making others feel happy,” she said proudly.

What do they like best about Girl Power and organizing this fundraiser?

“It just makes you feel happy because you are spending time with friends and doing fun things,” said Sophie.

Added Zoey “This makes me feel amazing because its a nice thing to do, and it makes me feel good.”

Do the three understand what they’re doing and how another child will reap the rewards

“Kids who might not have a good Christmas will now, and the kids will feel happy,” said Sophie. “I like doing this for other kids.”

“If a child doesn’t have a lot for Christmas, us helping will make the family feel happy knowing their kids are getting presents,” added Zoey.

By holding the bake sale and raising money, the three are hoping to spread a little Christmas magic. And that’s something to get out and support on Nov. 24.

MAIN PHOTO: Kennetcook youth Sophie Hamilton, 7, Zoey Grant, 7, and Emily Beaton, 6, soon to be seven, are holding a bake sale fundraiser on Nov. 24 to raise money to sponsor one or two children through the Christmas Angel Tree program. They hope the community will come out and support them. (Submitted photo)