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Editor’s note: This column is the first installment of a new student-led column from Hants North! Here, Grade 11 student Audree Hilchie shares the school news from HNRH. We hope you enjoy!

KENNETCOOK: Was Hants North Rural High ever busy late last month and earlier this month! Things like sports, opportunities for students, and campaigns filled student schedules.

The generosity of students helped their local food bank feed hungry mouths.

The We Act committee at Hants North participated in this year’s WE SCARE HUNGER campaign. They held a food drive until Oct. 31 and sent the proceeds to their local food bank.

The committee ended up with over two-hundred non-perishable food items to send! Another year gone by, not scaring us, but they did Scare Hunger.

Imagine getting the chance to use different kinds of technology to spread the good word around you.

On October 30th, three grade eight students and their teacher got to do just that by attending a MakerTech workshop at the Holiday Inn Truro with many other students from across the Chignecto Central Region.

What’s MakerTech you ask? MakerTech is a series of workshops the students participated in that used things like stop motion, robotics, virtual spaces, and wearables to spread the ALLY message of Accept, Listen, Learn, You.

The students were randomly divided into different workshops that consisted of T-shirt making, stop motion production, podcasting, and coding.

The Hants North kids created buttons and a stop motion video to spread the ALLY message and won a coding robot for their awesome T-shirts!

The Hants North Senior Girls basketball team absolutely dominated their tournament. On Nov. 8, the Flames played South Colchester. On Nov. 9, they played Springhil and Sir John A JV.

Over all, players Micaela Aparicio and Arianna Lyons were top scorers, Taylor Macphee and Tasha Macphee had awesome defence methods, and Shyanne White scored a number of three point shots.

Despite the fact that the Flames haven’t had many practices yet this year, they performed really well in all three games. While many players on the team are new to basketball, they have lots of potential of being strong, determined athletes.

The girls won all the games they played and hope to continue with this streak until the end of the season.

Hopefully next month is just exciting as this one!