Kennetcook girls raise $2,000 to sponsor kids at Christmas

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KENNETCOOK: It took just 80 minutes for three young girls from Kennetcook to easily surpass their goal to sponsor one, if not two children through the Christmas Angel Tree Program put on by the Hants North Food Bank.

Zoey Grant; Emily Beaton; and Sophie Hamilton, better known as “Girl Power”, held their bake sale fundraiser outside the Freshmart in Kennetcook on Nov. 24. They started selling at 9 a.m. and by 10:20 a.m., they had all but three items sold. And a couple minutes later those three items were gone as well. The prices on items were by donations.

“Yes, we did it,” yelled one of the girls with glee as the last three items were packed in a bag and the buyer took them with them as they headed for their car.

Now it was time to go count the money and see how much money the three good friends—all who attend Kennetcook District School at Hants North Rural High—raised. Their goal heading in was set low at $200 to sponsor one child; $400 to sponsor two; but they had an incentive. Reporter Pat Healey had told them if they raised more than $400 they could dress him up.

The girls with the last three items before they were scooped up by an awaiting customer at the bake sale at the Freshmart in Kennetcook

Would the girls get to dress Healey up as a Princess Fairy and walk him around Robins and Pics n Flics/Guardian store on a Sunday morning?

As they counted the money it became quite evident that they had reached and well exceeded the amount they had hoped for from the fundraiser.

“I have $400 right here,” said Michelle Grant showing the girls her hand full of 20 $20 bills, indicating they would indeed be dressing Healey up, complete with lipstick; a tiara; a feather thing; and wand.

Zoey Grant; Emily Beaton; and Sophie Hamilton, better known as “Girl Power”, stand in front of Weekly Press Reporter Pat Healey, who they got to dress up as a Princess Fairy after they raised more than $400 at their bake sale on Nov. 24 in Kennetcook. They took Pat walking through the Pics n Flics store and the Robins, showing him to customers at both stores. (Submitted photo)

Now all that was left to be determined was what their exact final tally would be.

In the end, the girls raised $2,000. This means they each will sponsor one child from the Christmas Angel Tree Program and the remainder of the money will go to the Hants North Food Bank to help support families and the program. The girls and their parents are planning to go shopping for their sponsored children in mid-December.

“Oh I can’t wait to go shopping for my child,” said Emily with excitement inside the Robins Donuts store.

The three girls were asked what it meant to them to have been able to surpass their goal.

“It feels great to be able to do it, because we thought we could only raise $200 or $300,” said Zoey.

“It felt really good to raise that much and we can sponsor like 10 kids now,” added Sophie.

The community support meant a lot.

“It’s a great thing to have that much people buy from us,” said Emily.