Entrepreneur talks about stresses, benefits of operating own business

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ELMSDALE: Passion and dedication.

Those are two things that Tim Reynolds says any small business owner and entrepreneur must have if they want to have successful.

Reynolds, from Elmsdale, owns and operates his own business, Tim Reynolds Construction. He credits the help from the staff at Nova Scotia Works (Futureworx) in the Lloyd E. Matheson Centre in the Elmsdale Business Park with being helpful in his drive to get started.

“Nova Scotia Works have been a fantastic help for me in getting my business started,” said Reynolds. “I was thinking about going back to school or opening a business. They sat down with me, went over everything and ensuring I was going to make the right decision in starting a business.”

He said starting a business gives an individual to have the chances and opportunities that others wouldn’t have when you’re working for yourself over working for a corporation.

“You take on a lot of responsibility, so you know going in to starting a business you know that is going to be put upon you. You either want it to go or not.

“It’s been very nerve wrecking, a lot of stress at the beginning.”

He spoke about the past month-and-a-half for his small operation.

“It’s been intensely busy, a lot of long days and hours for myself and my team,” said Reynolds, who has four others on staff. “The goal for 2018 was to do some solid marketing and advertising plans, but I haven’t had time to do that because we’ve been so busy.

“Words can’t describe how the community of East Hants’ support has helped our business, that isn’t even a year old yet.”

Reynolds had some advice for others looking at starting their own business.

“Give it a lot of thought,” he said. “Make sure you’re not wanting to start a job, you’re wanting to start a business,and that you’re not doing something you like, but that you’re passionate about.”

He said the support from East Hants has been great. Word of mouth and social media posts have led to many jobs for him throughout the area.

“The amount of support from the community has shocked me, to see people recommending me,” he said. “It’s mind-blowing since I am not from East Hants originally. But I really do appreciate it very much.”

To contact Reynolds you can checkout his Facebook and Instagram pages by searching for TR Construction.