HRSB expected to repair DSES driveway

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DUTCH SETTLEMENT: Parents of students at Dutch Settlement Elementary School voiced their concern of the muddy and dangerous driveway at the school.

In a Facebook post, Susan Fillmore, who has two children attending the school, posted photos of the lone entrance and exit to the school, showing a muddy strip of grass as the only walkway for students, parents, and staff. Other parents commented on the post saying it’s dangerous.

“We have complained and complained and it has fallen on deaf ears,” said Fillmore in her post. “It has been like this for years. When it snows it is 1,000 times worse. I’m tired of waiting for someone to get seriously injured or worse before something is done.”

According to Halifax Regional School Board spokesman Doug Hadley, they have heard the concerns.

“Repairing the driveway and parking area at Dutch Settlement has been identified as one of our top priorities for next fiscal year (after April 1). We expect the work to occur this summer,” said Hadley on Feb. 13 after The Weekly Press inquired. “At this point, I can’t say what the full scope of the project will be. That will depend on what is available in the budget once it is finalized in the spring.”

He said they will inform the parents about what will be done.

“As with other capital projects, we will communicate with the community once the project has been approved,” he said.