Oldfield students “crunch” down for nutrition

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ENFIELD: There was a lot of juicy, apple crunching going at Oldfield Consolidated School on the morning of March 3.

Students at the Enfield-based school were participants in the Canada-wide Great Big Crunch event to ring in March as Nutrition Month.

For The Great Big Crunch, Nourish Nova Scotia partnered with the Food Share program inviting students, teachers, educators, and all good food enthusiasts province-wide to learn about healthy eating through the apple’s journey from seed, to harvest, to market, to table (and around again).

Oldfield student Kassidy Tomes asks friend Ethan Heard how his apple tastes during The Great Big Crunch on March 3. (Healey photo)

The assembly in the gymnasium at Oldfield saw students follow Principal Kellie West who led them in a countdown and then – crunch, crunch, crunch as they all excitedly bit into their apples, which were passed out to each classroom before being called down for the short event.

The 200 apples that Nourish N.S. handed out to the students at Oldfield School came from Noggins Farm in the Annapolis Valley through HRSB.

Many of the students who took part could be seen getting excited as they walked from the classroom to the gym, proudly holding their apples ready to give it their biggest, and best, crunch. And when time came, they did just that, proudly chewing away as flashes of cameras went off to cheers from their teachers, Nourish N.S. and HRSB representatives.

“This is a juicy apple,” one little girl, smiling ear-to-ear, was overheard saying.

“This is awesome,” said a little boy. “When are we doing it again?”

Kassidy Tomes, Ethan Heard, Hunter Miller (glasses) and Mitchell Tate enjoy their Noggins Farms apples during The Great Big Crunch. (Healey photo)