Serving up your coffee on Camp Day

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MILFORD: The first Wednesday of June every year is a celebration-filled day for those working at Tim Hortons stores. And June 6, 2018 was no different, especially at the Milford Tim Hortons managed by Jayme Newcombe.

Newcombe and her staff set a goal of $5,000 to raise on Camp Day to help send less fortunate children to Tim Hortons Camp. And they did that and then some thanks to the loyal and continued support from the community, and some help from a community personality who came out and helped.

Reporter Pat Healey worked alongside Jayme Tanner in the drive-thru window on Camp Day at the Milford Tim’s. (Newcombe photo)

I was asked about a month or so ago to come on out and be a “celebrity” at the store for Camp Day, and so I jumped at the opportunity to do so.

I arrived on June 6 just before my shift started at 10 a.m. I was greeted by Newcombe who spotted me from behind the counter. I was then given a Camp Day shirt to put on.

After that’s done, I was placed with the helpful Jayme Tanner, who was my cash register as I told the customers their order totals, sold them Camp Day bracelets, or a 50/50 ticket.

I can say I got more of an appreciation for those working at locations like Tim’s—between the drive thru and main counter there was only twice we all could catch our breathes, and that was for a total of five minutes. It was that busy and steady. If it’s like this on this day, I’m not sure if I could last doing that day after day.

Before I knew it, it was 12:30 p.m. and my shift was, well over my time that I had planned to be there but I wasn’t about to complain. I had so much fun.

Once I heard that the dunk tank was open—one of the many other activities where people could pay a toonie to have three chances to dunk the person on the dunk tank. I took a meander over and snapped some photos – such as Newcombe herself being dunked one of the two times she got wet on this freezing cold early June day.

They wanted me to do the dunk tank. But I was smart and declined that offer. It was just a tad bit cold for me, plus I had a busy couple days ahead so couldn’t afford any slowdowns.

With the 2018 edition of Camp Day done, I have already been asked to return to Camp Day 2019 at the Milford Tim Hortons, and have accepted that offer.

I guess them wanting me back means I did a great job. It could be a new line of work if this reporter gig doesn’t work out.

Ally Paley throws a bean bag to the target on the dunk tank at Camp Day at the Milford Tim’s. (Healey photo)


Jayme Newcombe holds son Riley Fillmore who had a special t-shirt made for Camp Day. (Healey photo)