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Conservative candidate says she will make sure East Hants isn’t forgotten if elected

ENFIELD: The Conservative Party’s (CPC) candidate for the yet-called 2019 federal election is promising to make East Hants feel part of the federal Kings-Hants riding.

At a meet-and-greet with supporters and those wanting to know more at Curly Portables in Enfield in early August, Martha MacQuarrie took time to answer questions from The Weekly Press, reiterating what she told the small crowd on hand—that she will be their voice in Ottawa, and it was time for a change.

“I truly want to listen to what the people in the riding have to say,” said MacQuarrie. “It was time for me to do this.”

Pam Osborne (right) and her son Spencer stopped by to show their support for friend Martha MacQuarrie during her meet-and-greet at Curly’s in Enfield. MacQuarrie is the Kings-Hants Conservative candidate who will be seeking to unseat Liberal Scott Brison when the federal election is held in 2019. (Healey photo)

Born in Truro and with family still residing there, MacQuarrie—a mother of six grown children—said she has travelled through East Hants many times. She will ensure it’s not forgotten about if elected.

“You can guarantee that I will be here, absolutely,” said MacQuarrie about a regular presence in East Hants. “East Hants is dear to my heart and it’s an important area with the corridor to the city. I will be here.”

She said she feels she was born a Conservative.

“It’s less government, lower taxes and it’s a party that truly cares,” she said. “I don’t know if that message gets out all the time, but we are a party that cares. We understand that people know best what to do with their money when they have it.

“We want to keep more money in their pockets. That’s my core belief.”

Central Okanagan – Similkameen – Nicola, B.C. MP Dan Albas and Martha MacQuarrie, the Conservative candidate for Kings-Hants, speak with a supporter during the meet-and-greet at Curly Portables in Enfield. (Healey photo)

MacQuarrie said she decided to put her face up front and throw her name in as the candidate—instead of continuing being in the backroom—for one main reason. That came about in 2017 after the federal Liberals brought about it’s proposed small business tax changes.

“It really struck a chord with me,” she said. “I come from a family of third generation business, and I looked around the community and all of these entrepreneurs and felt there was no way they would all be able to survive the tax changes.

“It’s wrong the way they brought them out; it was wrong to propose them; and we have a Liberal MP (Scott Brison) who was quiet and silent through all of that.”

She was joined in Enfield by MP Mel Arnold, who represents North Okanagan—Shuswap, B.C., and Central Okanagan – Similkameen – Nicola, B.C. MP Dan Albas.


MAIN PHOTO: Martha MacQuarrie, the Conservative candidate for Kings-Hants, speaks at the meet-and-greet to a small crowd of friends and supporters at Curly’s in Enfield. (Healey photo)