Family thankful for community support

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CARROLLS CORNER: A family whose home was destroyed by fire on Sept. 7 is very thankful for the outpouring of support from the Corridor and area community.

Erin Lee said she’s a proud mom who doesn’t like asking others for help, but the fire that has left her and her two boys and three pets—two cats and a dog—with nothing to call home has left her desperate.

“Since the fire, I’ve been having a really hard time emotionally, mentally and physically as I wasn’t eating much and couldn’t sleep,” Lee said. “The first four days was like I was in a nightmare fog, I couldn’t think clearly, was forgetful and found it hard to concentrate at work.

“It’s day 10 today and I can finally think clearer and get things in motion.”

She said that Jeremy, 12, was home playing on his Xbox when he heard crackling and the home became warmer. Smoke began billowing and that’s when he realized something was wrong.

“He then got out of the house and ran down to the road and called 911,” said Lee.When I rounded the corner by the Gays River Road I could see the big black thick smoke rising in the distance. I thought to myself that looks like our area.

“When I got on the Antrim Road I could tell it was my place from where the smoke was rising above the trees. That’s the worst feeling in the world knowing your son is there alone.”

Erin said when she arrived Jeremy was standing in the street in his socks on the phone with 911.

“I’ll be forever grateful he was standing there and wasn’t asleep which he’s known to do after school,” she said.

She said she’s eating and sleeping better now, but as one expects still feels a sense of loss, sadness and desperation. The dog was at work with Lee.

“I’ve not only lost my home and everything I owned and cherished, I feel like I’ve lost my independence, my security, my strength,” she said.

Erin said the community, friends, and family have been nothing short of amazing and giving. There are several fundraisers on the go.

“It’s very overwhelming and has really touched my hear,” she said. “I thank everyone so much and can’t say it enough.

“All the support you have given me and the boys is heartwarming, comforting, and truly amazing.”