PHOTOS: Elmsdale Fire holds Fire Prevention week celebration

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ELMSDALE: There was a great turnout from the community–both young and old–as Elmsdale Volunteer Fire Department hosted an open house as part of their Fire Prevention Week activities.

The Oct. 13 event saw EHS Paramedic Laura Mather–a volunteer firefighter with Elmsdale as well–on hand with an ambulance to give the kids a tour; the fire trucks from Elmsdale open for people to check out; a video; Adam Bowen and Emily Robinson, along with another firefighter, showcasing how to put on the bunker gear and air tank; and Yelena Zuck who was demonstrating how to do CPR.

EHS Paramedic and Elmsdale volunteer firefighter Laura Mather showcased the ambulance at the Fire Prevention Open House at Elmsdale Fire on Oct. 13. Here, little Miles O’Leary poses for a photo with Mather after getting to walk through the back of the ambulance. (Healey photo)

A BBQ was also being held manned by Chris Ainsworth and a couple other younger firefighters.

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Theo McGrath of Enfield gives a funny face as Elmsdale firefighter Gerald Walsh helps put a firefighter bunker jacket that’s five times to big for him on during the Fire Prevention Open House, held at the Elmsdale department on Oct. 13. (Healey photo)