East Hants RCMP see cannabis calls increase

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ENFIELD: There has been much ado about nothing in East Hants as far as any charges laid since cannabis marijuana became legal on Oct. 17, RCMP in Enfield say.

Sgt. Brigdit Leger said police here have not laid any charges under the Cannabis Control Act. However, three youths have been issued warnings for possessing cannabis and being under 19 under Section 16 (1) of the act.

“So far we have noted an increase in cannabis related calls,” she said. “We encourage East Hants residents who choose to use cannabis to do so responsibly.”

Sgt. Leger provided some information relating to proposed out of court settlement amounts for offences under the Cannabis Control Act (CCA):

16(1) CCA Underage possession, distribution, consumption, purchase or attempt to purchase: Fine $295.00

22 CCA Consuming cannabis in a vehicle: No out of court settlement, fine up to $2,000

21 CCA Knowingly selling or distributing cannabis to a person who appears to be intoxicated: No out of court settlement, fine up to $1,000

20(2) CAA Purchasing cannabis from other than an authorized seller: Fine up to $295

20(1)(A) CAA Selling cannabis if not an authorized seller: No out of court settlement, fine up to $10,000.