Asphalt being removed from former Airport off-ramp

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GOFFS: Beginning on November 19, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal began to remove the asphalt from the former off-ramp for Exit 6 on Highway 102 outbound.

As it exists today, all inbound traffic to the airport enters into a single lane until on airport property, where a second lane begins near the new Halifax Stanfield sign.

HIAA and Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) have been working to create a new concept design for the off-ramp at Exit 6 outbound that would better serve the airport community.

The concept design includes two inbound lanes when entering the airport from Highway 102, eliminating the requirement for the off-ramp to merge with incoming traffic from the west.

The enhancement is being finalized by TIR as part of their capital program, so there’s no information on timing.

The proposed ramp configuration does not make use of the asphalt associated with the former ramp and, as such, it will be removed.