UPDATED: Explosion heard as truck catches fire on Hwy 102

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ENFIELD: Jeff Donaldson was on his way to work on the morning of Dec. 27, when he felt a concussive force hit his vehicle and saw debris was flying about.

The Enfield resident was passing a tractor trailer hauling styrofoam insulation on Highway 102 near Halifax Stanfield Airport when he felt an explosion.

“The concussive force felt like the rear end of my car came off,” said Donaldson. “I saw debris fly everywhere. We pulled over. I checked my car. No issue.”

VIDEO: Fire spews from the load of wood


While it’s unsure what the explosion was—it appears it may have been an overheated brake or a blown tire—what he saw next was worrying.

The explosion caused the styrofoam to catch fire, sending firefighters from Station 45 Fall River, Enfield Fire with their aerial, Tanker 42 Wellington, Tanker 43 Grand Lake, Tanker 10 Sackville, and Elmsdale Fire to the scene. Station 41 Waverley had coverage for the zone.Station 38 Middle Musquodoboit and Station 40 Dutch Settlement were also paged, but later stood down.

Police and EHS also responded. Highway 102 traffic was detoured at Exit 7 Enfield inbound, causing traffic to be coincidentally slow going along Highway 2 in Fall River as a result.

Two photos of the trailer as it is on fire as taken by passing motorist Jeff Donaldson who pulled off to the side of the road to offer assistance. Donaldson said the force of the explosion “felt like the rear end of my car came off.” (Photos by Jeff Donaldson)

Donaldson said he made sure that the occupants of the tractor trailer was okay.

“The fire looked like it was on the left rear axle,” he said. “It didn’t stop. I immediately called 911.”

He said the truck driver detached the truck cab from the trailer.

Police turned the scene over to NS TIR at about noon time, with some cleanup remaining. It remained closed.

The cause of the fire on the truck is under investigation.

MAIN PHOTO: A photo of the styrofoam on a trailer that caught fire on Hwy 102 this morning, Dec. 27, after an explosion was heard by a passing motorist. Several fire departments responded and the road was shutdown at exit 7 for a short time. (submitted photo)