Rachel Rose: Dog Whisperer

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Young girl being called a hero for getting missing dog Kinley into home after four days on the run

ELMSDALE: A special little girl is being tabbed as “The Dog Whisperer” after she was able to rescue a missing dog that had garnered the hearts of many throughout the Elmsdale community on March 20.

Kinley, who is a rescue from North East Paws Rescue, darted away after a walk with her new owners outside their Elmwood Subdivision home. A frantic search for Kinley, who was a nervous dog.

After a few posts online, including East Hants Wants to Know, soon there were many members of the community and neighbourhood out searching. That included one young girl named Rachel, whose mom Clarice Rose had read about the missing dog.

Rachel Rose was out in her backyard of her Enfield home with a friend when she spotted Kinley on March 24.

“I started screaming ‘mama’ and ran into the house,” said Rose, 8. “Kinley was following me to the stairs.”

She explained how she managed to get Kinley inside the home.

“Mama ran to get some sandwich meat to try and convince her to come into my house,” said Rose.

Kinley was shaking a lot at the time.

“I just rubbed her belly telling her it was okay,” Rachel said.

Jon Baldwin and girlfriend Lauren Nickel had just adopted Kinley from a rescue. They were so relieved when word came she was safe.

”When I got the phone call that she was found and safe it felt like my heart was in my throat,” said Baldwin. “We had a couple of calls where we thought she had been caught. Then Sunday I was running around all day as everyone seemed to be spotting her.

“When I knocked on their door and saw her in the kitchen. I had to fight back tears I was so happy.”

He said they were starting to lose a bit of hope we were ever going to catch her.

“And with her crossing the highway so many times we were fearing the worst was going to happen,” he said

Rachel said she was really happy and excited that Kinley decided to come inside so she would be safe.

Some people have even started to call her “the dog whisperer.” Rachel had a lot of high fives and great job comments from family and friends.

“I love dogs so I was very pumped she came and found me,” said Rachel.

For Rachel, she’s just thrilled it had a happy ending.

“I’m super happy Kinley is home with her new furever home,” she said.

Baldwin said Lauren and himself can’t thank Rachel and her family enough for what they have done.

“Honestly I’m just blown away by everyone,” he said. ” Lauren and I are pretty low key, so when we posted that she went missing we did not think we would have the community turn out in droves like they did.

“People who were complete strangers were lending us equipment without a second thought. Then there was the hours on end people spent searching for her.

“We really can’t begin to express how lucky we are to live here and be surrounded by the neighbors we have.”

Now, if only Kinley could talk, the stories of her adventures she would tell.