Preaching ATV safety on the trails

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With summer around the corner, Fundy ATV group, East Hants RCMP give heads up on the dos and don’ts

MONTE VISTA: With the summer season approaching, Fundy ATVenturers and East Hants RCMP are reminding those who use off-road vehicles to do so safely, and abide by the rules of the road and any abutting property owners. But the most important thing—have fun.

Under warm summer-like weather at the intersection of Monte Vista Road/Renfrew Road in Enfield on June 13, East Hants RCMP members were joined by Fundy ATVenturer club members for the short ride-along.

Trail Warden Eldon Hebb and Cpl. Calvin Byard of East Hants RCMP were among those who took the media out on a short tour of one of the trails in Enfield to bring awareness to safe riding. (Healey photo)

East Hants District RCMP Cpl. Calvin Byard said it was a “show and tell” type day.

“It’s to let the community know that safety is important, and it’s about awareness of the rules and regulations on the pathways and roadways for ATV’s,” said Byard. “We do have ATV’s available for use to use if we needed them on a call or for enforcement.”

He did say the detachment has received numerous calls of off-highway vehicle riders on other people’s property.

“If you are an ATV rider, legally you’re not allowed to be on other people’s properties without their permission,” he said.

Byard said it’s great to have the cooperation and partnership they do with Fundy ATVenturers.

Trevor Hebb, with Fundy ATVenturers said the organization welcomed the partnership to bring awareness to a passion many have.

“We’re out and about to promote safe riding,” Hebb said. “Spring riding season is here and more people are getting out and about. We thought it would be something great to do as a joint effort.”

The four-wheelers and side-by-sides head out onto the trail tour. (Healey photo)

Hebb said that between Fundy and Driftclimbers Snowmobile Club they have put $1 million into the local trail economy. He wanted everyone to realize that the trails they build and look after—like the Driftclimbers—are multi-use trails.

“All of the trails both our clubs are doing are multi-use, not just for off-road vehicles,” said Hebb. “Half of the money put into the trails is in-kind where contractors donate, and the Off-Highway Vehicle grant money that we can apply for.”

Some of the advice is for riders to have proper safety gear; drive slow; stay back so you can see; and more.

“If it’s rough and rocky you don’;t want to go wide-open, you take your time and drive for the conditions,” he said. “It’s all about having fun with friends and family.”