Long-time Scouter recognized by Tin Smith Museum

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Donald Scott has his wall upstairs in museum dedicated to him

SHUBENACADIE: It’s usually pretty hard to keep anything a secret from Donald Scott. But on Aug. 15, that was achieved.

With about 25 friends and community members gathered upstairs at the Tin Smith Museum in Shubenacadie, Scott was honoured with a wall named in his honour. Pictures of his involvement in the Scouting movement, along with a blanket filled with almost all of his badges he achieved, hang on the wall as you walk up the back steps.

“I had no idea this was going on,” said Scott as he sat in one of the chairs on the patio at the side of the museum, located on Highway 2. “It’s a very pleasant surprise.

“The people of Shubenacadie are pretty nice.”

He has spent 40 years with the Scouting movement in Shubenacadie, he said. He even recalled this reporter’s time as a Scout in Enfield way back when.

Outside the Tin Smith Museum, a well wisher shows Donald Scott a photo from days gone by when he was in the Scouting movement. (Healey photo)

Scott was picked up at his home and told he was going for a drive, and they ended up at the museum. Little did he know what awaited him upstairs at the museum, although he figured something was up seeing people at the top as he came up the stairs on a stair lift-type piece of equipment.

He said the blanket with the badges was “just collecting dust” at home.

“It’s nice to have that displayed somewhere,” said Scott. “It was just sitting in the closet.”

There was a little reception following the unveiling of the wall, and many of the people in attendance stopped by Scott to wish him well and say how proud they were of him, much to his obvious appreciation.