Blois pleased to have PM Trudeau visit East Hants

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ELMSDALE: For Kody Blois, getting to welcome Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to his home community in Elmsdale on Aug. 16 was a “special privilege.”

Trudeau stopped by the Cup of Soul in Elmsdale for a short visit to meet friends and supporters of Blois, the Liberal candidate in the Oct. federal election for Kings-Hants, while in the province. He had finished a round-table in Halifax before making a visit to Berry Hills subdivision in Middle Sackville to talk to future home buyers about the fed’s first-time home buyer incentive before the Elmsdale stop.

“Any time you can welcome a Prime Minister of a country to your home community it’s a real special privilege,” said Blois in an interview with The Weekly Press. “Today was no different.

“It was really nice to bring some friends, supporters, and family to meet Justin, on short notice.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau obliges Omar Ribahi for a selfie during a stop at Cup of Soul in Elmsdale in support of Kings-Hants Liberal candidate Kody Blois on Aug. 16. (Healey photo)

In Elmsdale, several residents did speak with him and mentioned the current health-care issue in N.S., along with small business taxes and job creation, pharmacare, and healthy eating in schools.

Trudeau obliged young people at the visit with selfies, including Omar Ribahi who hopes to one day be the Prime Minister. He also took photos with Blois’ mom.

Blois said it was great for him to step foot in East Hants, and to speak to people about the importance and what is at stake in the coming election. He is hoping to carry on the red colours for the riding, following in predecessor Scott Brison’s footsteps.

“I land on doorsteps and people tell me I have big shoes to fill,” said Blois. “Of course I remind people I have to create my own boots and my own brand, and I’m working hard to do that.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Kings-Hants Liberal candidate Kody Blois speak to Chamber member Amy Thomas at the Cup of Soul in Elmsdale

MAIN PHOTO: It may look like Susan Fillmore is offering Prime Minister Justin Trudeau her smoothie, but she’s not. Fillmore stopped by the Cup of Soul in Elmsdale on her way home from the Berry Hills subdivision in Middle Sackville, where she had just saw the PM during his visit there. Also pictured is Kings-Hants candidate Kody Blois, and Fillmore’s daughter Maggie. (Healey photo)