Food bank usage at a critical level

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ELMSDALE: The Caring and Sharing Food Bank has experienced a fairly significant increase in it’s usage so far in 2019.

In July, the food bank saw an increase from 60 families, or 160 people, to 80 families, comprising of 253 people.

Paula King with the food bank said it’s been a very hard summer.

“As you know the cost of food has skyrocketed and our stock of food is depleting quickly,” she said of the crisis. “We have been forced to delete items from our grocery list.”

The increased usage and depleting stock is intensified by another shortage.

“We are also experiencing a decrease in monetary donations,” said King.

The increase is putting a lot of stress on the food bank, and they are putting out an immediate call for help.

“Please consider helping us help our neighbours,” she said. “You can do this by: Donating money and on a regular basis if possible. Donating food. Drop offs at both Sobeys and Superstore locations. Grocery Gift Cards are also good. Holding Business Fundraisers. Attending our fundraisers.”

The Caledonian Show is holding a fundraiser at the Riverview United Church on Sunday, Oct. 6 and before hand a food drive will be held at the Superstore in Elmsdale on Sept. 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

How can you help the food bank?

There are many ways that you and your family can help. First know that the food bank operates year round and not just at Christmas time.

Are you ‘thinking green’ and recycling your beverage cans and bottles? You can donate the recycling money by dropping them off at Elmsdale Recycling in the Business Park – Account 14.Garage or basement cluttered with old car batteries, copper or computer hardware, can also be recycled for us at Elmsdale Recycling.Collect your loose change to donate.Picking up groceries at Elmsdale Superstore or Sobeys? You can always toss a non-perishable food item into their collection boxes at both locations, all year round.Celebrating your birthday with a party? Ask your guests to bring a food item instead of gifts!Purchase a gift for kids or adults at Christmas time for the Angel Tree.

Any family member over 14 can volunteer year-round.Your business can come up with their own creative fund or food raising ideas: fundraiser 50/50 draw.Designate them as your Charity in United Way donations.

Donations by mail may be sent to:

Caring & Sharing-Angel Tree Food Bank

50 Old Enfield Road, UNIT 2

Enfield, NS, B2T 1C9