Extrication competition all about learning for Enfield Fire

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DARTMOUTH CROSSING: The North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge (NAVRC) has come and gone, but the skills learned by team members with the Enfield fire extrication will stay with them.

Enfield was one of the N.S. teams, along with two Halifax Fire entries; Woods Harbour Fire; and Island & Barrington Passage fire to represent N.S. Other teams from Hagerman, N.Y., and Ontario took part in the Aug. 22-23 event, held near The Village Shops at Dartmouth Crossing. Several were career firefighters against volunteer fire departments.

HRM Fire were the main organizers and sponsors of the event.

Jeff Goodwin was the team leader with Enfield Fire. He said the members worked well as a team.

“They listen closely, they change plans based on what the patients needs are and how we have to execute to get them out safely,” said Goodwin.

HRM Mayor Mike Savage watches the competition. (Healey photo)

Overall, Hamilton, Ont. took home top spot, followed by Burlington and Halifax Team 1. Hamilton Fire also took home the bulk of the awards as they added Top Medic; Top Incident Commander; and Top Safety Officer. The competition is run through TERC Canada.

Enfield fire extricates the patient. (Healey photo)

He talked about the team’s result in the rapid pit, which had several hurdles but they worked as a team and got the patient out.

Goodwin said it was an educational experience for most of those on his team.

“Learning from paid, professional departments, taking that knowledge back to our volunteer department and our mutual aid partners, is amazing,” he said.

Andrew Cluett of Rawdon and a Stn 45 career firefighter was a member on Halifax Fire Team 1 at the competition. Here he works to solidify the roof of the car. (Healey photo)