Pro Wrestlers cheered and jeered

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LANTZ: Wrestling fans in East Hants got their money’s worth on Aug. 22 at the East Hants Sportsplex as the wrestling card featuring Markus Burke, The Patriot, and Madison Miles didn’t disappoint.

Before a crowd of about 125 people, Lincoln Steen’s promoted wrestling show saw five high-energy, action-packed matches over a two hour span. There was plenty of fan interaction, including those cheering on Chantal in her match against highly touted Miles, freshly back from a WWE tryout.

Young Jack Miller had a question for 19-year-old Maddison Miles before her match in Lantz. She said yes. (Healey photo)

Miles had an admiring young fan in the crowd who wrote a prom proposal on bristol board and held it high as she came into the ring for her match. She saw it just before the bell rung, and the 19-year-old Miles said yes to the sign holder, a teenage Jack Miller.

She pleased the crowd and showed why the WWE has her on their radar, picking up the win.

Meanwhile, Steen came to the aid of friend Jeff, who was about to battle two arch rivals. Steen, a fan favourite in East Hants, came to the ring, making it a tag team match.

Lincoln Steen twists the arm of an opponent during his tag team match.

The match had the fans clapping in support of the local guy and Jeff, who was popular during the first show in Lantz a few months back. His small size doesn’t hinder his ability.

In the main event, it was Markus Burke battling Titus. Usually wherever Burke wrestles in the Maritimes controversy follows. That wasn’t the case on this night as he wrestled clean. Well, as clean as he could given Titus tried some outside the ring stuff, to which he countered.

Markus Burke raises his arm in victory. (Healey photo)
Markus Burke sits with a couple fans telling Titus, his opponent, that he sucks. (Healey photo)

After sending Titus into the wall by the home penalty box, Burke placed him on a chair and then ran around the ring before delivering a powerful clothesline.

Once the two grapplers a got back in the ring, it was Burke in control on his way to another win.

Burke promised he would return to Lantz in future wrestling shows.

Maddison Miles prepares to finish off Chantal in their women’s match. (Healey photo)

The night began with Dynamite Dylan Davis beating The Patriot, who was jeered by the fans.

With the ice going in shortly for the hockey season at the East Hants Sportsplex, wrestling fans will have to wait until next year for live local shows to make a return.

Steen said there will be more shows at the Sportsplex in Lantz in 2020, so stay tuned.

MAIN PHOTO: Chantal works over Maddison Miles on the mat. (Healey photo)

Kasey Williams flies through the air in his match. (Healey photo)