From the Firehouse – August 2019 calls

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LANTZ: Firefighters from Colchester fire service’s Stewiacke fire; and East Hants Fire Services in Lantz; Enfield; Elmsdale; Noel; Maitland; Rawdon; Kennetcook; and Nine Mile River responded to more than 120 calls for service during the month of August.

Stewiacke Fire responded to 29 calls, the bulk of which—24—were medical assists. They also had two motor vehicle collisions and two mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments and one fire alarm activation.

In Kennetcook, firefighters heard their pagers go off seven times with their tones. Tat list of calls included two medical assists; one fire alarm activation; one motor vehicle collision; one brush fire; one shed fire; and one vehicle fire.

Lantz firefighters responded in earnest to 25 calls in the Corridor community, led by 11 mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments; nine medical assists; two structure fires; two false alarms; and one illegal fire.

Enfield fire hit the road 27 times, led by 16 medical assists and then nine mutual aid requests. They also had one vehicle fire and one motor vehicle collision response.

For Elmsdale firefighters, they heard the “sounds of their people” 22 times during the month of August. Their top call was a tie with seven each for medical assists and fire; four alarm activations; three motor vehicle collisions; and one gas detector call.

Nine Mile River fire responded to six calls in the month, three each for medical assists and mutual aid requests.

Fire Chief Tyler Dauphinee reminds residents they should have their heating appliances checked and cleaned for the winter season.

In Maitland, firefighters had five calls, with four of those being medical assists. One other was a vehicle fire.

After Hurricane Dorian, Maitland’s hall was open for a short time as a comfort centre as power crews worked to restore power to those in the community as well as across the province.

For Rawdon Fire, they heard their pager tones for calls 11 times last month, led by four medical assists. They also responded to two motor vehicle collisions; two mutual aid requests; one residential alarm; one vehicle fire; and one brush fire.

Uniacke Fire had 18 calls in the month, led by 13 medical assists. They also had three mutual aid requests to neighbouring departments and two brush fires.

Noel Fire had a relatively busy month by their standards with 15 calls, led by 12 medical assists; one false alarm activation; one brush fire; and one structure fire.

There were no call information provided by Uniacke Fire; or Shubenacadie fire for the month of August.

“Red Trucks Rule”

MAIN PHOTO: Fire officers with Lantz and Elmsdale keep an eye on a house fire at a vacant home in Lantz in August. (Healey photo)