Bridge replacement project underway in Enfield

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ENFIELD: The Bennery Brook Bridge replacement project is moving steadily ahead, say officials with the provincial Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR).

Residents have noticed a road going in off Hwy 102 into the woods, and construction vehicles on site for the past bit. Some had speculated that was a new road off the hwy into Enfield and that the off ramp into exit 7 was being extended.

Marla MacInnis, spokeswoman with TIR, explained what it is that crews from NOVA Construction are doing.

“A detour structure is being installed and then work will proceed to replace the northbound and southbound 102 structures,” said MacInnis in an email interview on Oct. 15. “The alignment of the highway and the length of the ramp will be returned to match the existing one once the detours are removed.”

She said TIR anticipates the work will be completed by 2021.