Doing it for the kids: Mrs. A gives Enfield District a final hurrah at Terry Fox Run

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ENFIELD: In 13 years of running the Terry Fox Run at Enfield District, Sonya Aikens has raised $17,881.90. This year alone the students helped her raise $1,364.40.

To celebrate the final Terry Fox Run that she organized Aikens allowed the kids to get her messy in a celebration, and boy did they ever get her very messy with cupcakes; chocolate cream; and sour chocolate milk to name a few of the items.’

“I started the Terry Fox Run in 2007 to show the students that they could make a difference in people’s lives by helping to raise money for Cancer Research, and carrying on Terry’s dream of one day finding a cure for cancer,” she said. “I also believe the Terry Fox Run helped to promote important virtues like purposefulness, generosity and empathy.

A little extra chocolate sauce never hurt anyone. (Healey photo)

“During the 13 years Enfield District School has participated in this worthwhile cause, we have raised close to $18,000! I challenged the students by providing the silly/fun incentives, and loved seeing the excitement on their faces and the anticipation leading up to the fund-raising event.

Putting herself out there for the students year after year has created life-long memories for many of the kids, as well as Aikens.

Cookies and milk are a classic combination. (Healey photo)

“One of my favourite memories was when Cecil Dixon and the late, inspirational Chris Myers brought the Enfield Fire truck with the 50 ft aerial ladder to our school. I had to put on all the fire gear and carry “Sparky”, our stuffed school fire mascot up the ladder with me in front of all the students. It was a little scary, but very rewarding,” she said.

Even school administration, principal Tina Knol, and other teachers got in on the fun. (Healey photo)

“Another time was when, the students poured molasses on me when I was a ‘Hotdog’. It covered my face and went down my neck and back, it was a lot of showering to get that out!”

She said it will be one of the main things she misses in the coming years, but wouldn’t change a thing.

“I will miss it tremendously as it was always a highlight of my year,” she said.

A little extra chocolate sauce never hurt anyone. (Healey photo)

MAIN PHOTO: Enfield District Elementary gym teacher Sonya Aikens has been making fundraising for the Terry Fox Foundation fun for students for years. This year was no exception, as she once again opened herself up to becoming a sloppy mess! The school collectively has raised more than $17,000 for the foundation over the years. (Healey photos)