Editor’s note: We here at The Weekly Press are excited to announce a collaboration with Doreen Coady, a local mom with a passion for parenting. Over the next few weeks and months, we will be sharing stories she has gathered from a wide-array of mothers.

It is my privilege to share with you a wonderful collection of Moms. I’ve gathered 99 moms, from diverse backgrounds – culturally, academically, professionally, and economically. Moms range in age from 17 – 88. Together we have reflected, and written about our parenting journey. Visiting past, present, and future; digging through wishes and regret, the pearls remain.

Throughout my journey, people have continually asked, “How did you raise such an amazing kid?” He was, and is, undeniably unique! I wanted to answer the question authentically and succinctly. I began to wonder myself how it all came to be.

Before too long I realized, it took a village. I wanted to provide a “the village” to others.

I thought together we could better address the question, and could do more to help future generations. I had hoped inviting other moms, 99 other moms, I would better answer, “How I did it.”

I’ve written a non-fiction collection of short stories, with large insight. There are 100 ‘sections.’ I am just one of 100 moms who cared enough to take this journey.

It has been my honour to participate. I have been captivated by this work, and lost in the words of these exceptional women!

Each Mom submitted independently. Some sought suggestions from their children, and some invited their own Moms to participate. Moms conveyed what they felt was important to them, on their time, in their words, according to their abilities, and their schedules. Each and every keystroke was meaningful to me, as I hope that will be meaningful to you.

Each mom, all moms, great in their own way!

Next week I will bring to you my first mom. Aunt Willena advises to be careful of the babysitter.

Please follow my blog. I’d love to hear from you!


More about me and my sweet “little” boy: https://www.dal.ca/campus_life/orientation/family.html