Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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100 Moms: They’re not always going to like you!

Number 9-Marilyn A few years ago, in my work place, I noticed a shining star. It was as if she had a light around her,...

100 Moms talk bullying

Lisa was one of my first school friends, a history dating back to elementary school. As teen moms we plunged head first into parenting....

100 moms-Tip #9

Florence, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” Tip #9 Florence reminds me so much of my younger self, well maybe moreso who I wish I was...

100 Women East Hants back in business

To the Editor: This phenomenal organization is continuing with two new co-chairs, Linda Graham and Lindsay Beaton. We are very privileged to take over from...

100 Moms: Making the most of the day

Anne and I first met more than 15 years ago, our children were quite young. Our “babies” are all in their 20’s now! In only...

100 Moms: Trust your gut on babysitters

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of 100 Moms, the new short-story column by Doreen Coady. Aunt Willena Now an adult, I have come to...