Friday, November 17, 2017
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100 Moms: Spilt Milk

I decided to break from the originally scheduled family quartet. In honor of Remembrance Day, I was eager to feature my only Mom veteran....

100 Moms: Staying true to yourself

Having Tina’s input completes this wonderful trio. Tina is currently raising her young daughter, while happily following her to dance class. Tina dedicates a great...

100 Moms: The value of money

Dorothy is Shirley’s youngest daughter. She has two growing boys. Those little-not-so-little guys, have been teaching me what to hope for in a grandson....

100 Moms: Learning to trust

Shirley and both her girls were quick to contribute their best parenting tips. It is fun to share family perspectives across generations. I adore...

100 Moms: Get them outdoors

Maureen absolutely loves Motherhood. She sparkles at the mention of it, and all being a Mom has given to her. Her little girl is...

100 Moms: Kindness

One of our very own East Hants Moms today, Leah. Leah identifies two of the most important topics highlighted by Moms, kindness and respect. Leah...

100 Moms: Learning patience

Meghan (AKA Mucky) is the third Mom is this quartet. She’s a super cool woman, loving referred to by our mutual niece and nephew...

100 Moms: Worries

One of my favorite things about Angela’s kids is, they have everything little kids could want; yet, they are so appreciative of time, and...

100 Moms: the sex talk

Leslie reminds me a lot of my Mom; she, too had a way of making me feel extra special. Being around her gives me...

COLUMN: 100 Moms: a loss of freedom comes with the territory

Georgina, she is just the sweetest! I met her before children, and did my best to talk her out of them. I’m glad she...
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