MILFORD: The Milford Rec Association has big plans in the works to bring an activity that hundreds used to take advantage of back to East Hants.

Before years of weather took its toll on the three tennis courts at the rec centre, Sandra Watson, president of the Association, and her team of volunteers ran a successful and thriving tennis program at the location up until 2012 when two of the courts were rendered unusable.

Now, Watson and her team are working hard applying for grants and funding to cover the $250,000 cost of rebuilding the courts.

“We’ve applied to the municipality and also to the province and also to the federal government through ACOA to try and get these courts rebuilt,” Waston explained.

The courts, which are almost 40-years-old, may need to be relocated on the property to avoid this problem from occurring again in the future, she said.

“We’ve done some examination and investigation, so now we’re in the process of having an engineer come in and determine where is the best place to rebuild our courts.”

Watson believes the investment is well worth it considering the number of people the courts drew to them, from “dawn until dusk, from when the snow melted to when the snow flew.”

“We feel that it’s something that’s been a viable project it’s obviously led to a good opportunity for recreation for youth and adults in the community of East Hants, the high school did use it, the middle school used it.”

Since the association began running the tennis club, Watson said they saw an average of 200 members, from the age of four to senior citizens, with 130-150 taking part in the lesson programming.

Watson said accessibility is a huge part of their mandate as an association, after just receiving the Rick Hansen Accessibility Grant to build a ramp, install a automatic door and having two existing accessible trails, they plan to insure to continue this to the new courts allowing them to be also be accessible to all.

Watson will be making a presentation at this months council meeting to further discuss the possibility of getting this huge project off the ground.

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Nicole Gnazdowsky
Nicole graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University with a degree in political science in 2014 and University of King’s College with a journalism degree in 2016. She has been with The Weekly Press since May 2016. Nicole grew up in Rothesay N.B. and now lives in Halifax. She loves her dog, Madden, and travelling.