MOOSE RIVER: The local councillor is disappointed at what he heard during a recent public meeting to discuss the “horrid” state that exists for residents travelling the Moose River Road.

Photos on facebook and a video on YouTube show what drivers have to manoeuvre around as to not damage their vehicles. They choose to drive most of the road on the opposite lane.

Steve Streatch attended the meeting organized by concerned citizens, and also attended by Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley PC MLA Larry Harrison and provincial officials from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

“I’m very disappointed in what was brought forward, and I find no fault with the local TIR department they’re trying to do the best they can with the funding they’ve been allocated,” said Streatch. “I think the key to getting this road repaired properly is no more band-aid solutions, but indeed a complete rebuild of that asphalt surface.”

He said the road is a vital link to what will be one of the more larger economic drivers for the Musquodoboit Valley

“It’s an important link to one of the largest economic development projects in our district right now, and that is the Atlantic Gold Mine,” he said. “In the next few months, there will be up to 250 employees working there and millions of dollars being contributed through gold mining to our local economy.

“It’s an abomination in my opinion, that the province of Nova Scotia and indeed the Minister of Transportation’s office is allowing the condition of this road to exist.”

Streatch travels a lot of roads—especially in rural areas—and he calls Moose River Road “the worst I have ever seen.”

“This is clearly the worse road I have seen in the boundaries of HRM I have seen in many, many years,” said Streatch. “Not only is it an embarrassment, but it is creating public concern, concern for public safety, concern for traffic hazards/damage to vehicles. I believe we need support immediately in this year’s provincial budget.”

He said the road not only hinders locals, but those from emergency services responding to that area for calls.

“The local fire department told me they feel their response would be compromised because of the road conditions if their services were needed in that area,” said Streatch.

Streatch said he has also reached out to Central Nova MP Sean Fraser to see if there was any infrastructure funding available through an existing or upcoming program, he wanted to see if Fraser would help him work toward that.

“They talk about federal money being returned through initiatives like the Build Canada Fund, well I can think of no better way to build our community and country than to support local business and economic development.

“This is clearly, in my view, a candidate for that type of co-funding.”

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Patrick Healey
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