To the Editor:

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy.

They’re where we work and where we meet – the heart and soul of our communities.

Canadians expect their government to stand up for these local businesses. But Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are planning huge new tax hikes that will hit these local businesses when they can least afford it.

It’s gotten so bad that even the local Liberal Members of Parliament Darrell Samson, Colin Fraser, and Andy Filmore had to speak out against it.

They have said:

“Many people in my constituency are saying that the time frame is short and the summer was less active than it would be in the fall… If we could extend that deadline, it would be a positive step.”

“We don’t want unintended consequences, we have to make sure we get this right, and I’m committed to voicing the concerns from my constituents to the government.”

“I think there are some modifications that are required in order to be supportable and in order to achieve the goals of what the proposal is… Any changes that happen have to be able to provide parity for those that are funding their own retirements with those Canadians that are lucky enough to have those things looked after for them.”

I couldn’t agree more. The Trudeau Liberals can’t control their reckless spending, and this new tax grab is putting local businesses at risk.

With such a short consultation period and barely any parliamentary study on this issue, it’s clear the Trudeau government is not interested in how this will impact communities across Canada. They don’t care about how this will affect local businesses or the families who run them.

More needs to be done to stop the Liberals’ #unfairtaxchanges. We must also ask that MPs Samson, Fraser, and Filmore speak to his fellow Liberal MPs, minister Morneau, and Prime Minister Trudeau to make sure these tax changes never go through.

Our local businesses and farmers deserve it.


Pierre Poilievre, MP

Conservative Shadow Minister of Finance

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Patrick Healey
Pat has grown up in East Hants, having called Milford, and now Enfield home. He graduated from the journalism program at Holland College in 2001, and has spent time at newspapers in NL and Alberton and Summerside, PEI before becoming a reporter/photographer at The Weekly Press/The Laker in October 2008. He has a rescue kitty named Asha that is much loved—and spoiled. Pat is also our "social engagement guru." Check him out on twitter!