To the Editor:

The recent news that Canada’s next Supreme Court justice may not be from Atlantic Canada is deeply disappointing but not surprising, given that Prime Minister Trudeau appointed a Torontonian to head up the Atlantic region’s economic development agency.

While one would expect to hear cries of outrage on both accounts from the 32 Liberal Members of Parliament and 4 Liberal Premiers who represent the region, sadly that has not been the case thus far. Despite having collectively failed to guarantee their region’s representation on the top court in the country, they seem content to stand by and simply applaud during the Prime Minister’s many photo ops instead of fighting for Atlantic Canadians.

In contrast, the Conservative Party of Canada will continue be the voice of hard-working Canadian taxpayers and families. That is why I am calling on the Prime Minister to ensure that Justice Cromwell’s replacement is from Atlantic Canada and to uphold the 141 year old convention of ensuring regional representation on the benches of the Supreme Court.

Having representation on the top court is not just about symbolism.

As leader, I have made re-connecting with Atlantic Canada a priority. During my visits to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador, I’ve been heartened by the enthusiasm and commitment of the people I’ve met. We will work hard to earn the trust and confidence of Atlantic Canadians by standing up for them every day in the House of Commons. I can’t wait to bring the whole caucus team to Halifax for our annual meeting this September.

Atlantic Canadians deserve a real voice in Ottawa. They do not deserve to be taken for granted by Trudeau. You can count on us to be your voice and to push for lower taxes, carefully controlled spending, and a real plan to create jobs.

Hon. Rona Ambrose
Leader of the Official Opposition
Conservative Party of Canada Leader