To the Editor:

It’s time for East Hants people to step up to the plate.

Your bowling alley and entertainment facility is in jeopardy, in spite of surveys over the years the board is suffering from lack of support.

I am a two-time chairman of this board and spoke to many people in the course of my duties who really wanted this bowling alley.

With myself, Rea Flander and Minna Ross, the first petition was raised which contained 1,300 names. This was the birth of this organization of dedicated people, who ave donated many hours on your behalf without remuneration.

To this end, we had fundraisers involving many events to raise money; in fact we raised enough money to purchased used equipment, apart from the wood for the lane themselves to complete 16 lanes.

Four business plans have been written. One by East Hants Recreation, one by Councillor Stephen King, and one by myself, which was an amalgamation of the first two plans plus new information.

The fourth came about as we needed a more professional approach with the idea we could raise money through the NS Government Economic Development Fund (CEDIF).

This plan was co-written by Colin Whitelock, Sharon Gendron, Louise Sloane, and Phyllis Whitelock. Many hours were spent on research and writing under the guidance of Moore Associates. This plan with modifications is being used until this day.

A CEDIF enables anyone in Nova Scotia to invest in this project, the aim to raise $250,000. In spite of several chances for you to come out and support your project, only 10 per cent of the money has been raised. CEDIF’s are on offer for 90 days, which will have come to an end by the time this is published, however an extension has been applied for a further 90 days so lets come out and support your entertainment in East Hants. Shares are $100 with a 35 per cent non-refundable income tax credit. You have to keep the stock for five years. This is considered a high risk investment but the up side is that no gas and time spent running to various towns for entertainment.

If you can’t afford a share you can join with tow other people to by one- $100 share, or form an investment group.

Remember if you invest it will be your bowling alley, arcade, cinema, canteen, and other facilities that are built in with the plan.

Information on when shares will be offered from Terry McFarlane (902) 632-2058 and Sharon Gendron (902) 883 9174. I’m sure if you ask they will come to you.

Colin Whitelock