Jimmy was born May 16, 1996. His first diagnosis was Down Syndrome. Autism was added a few years later. His pediatrician told me Autism is the reason Jimmy is non-verbal, and functions at a two year old level.

At home and school Jimmy requires constant supervision. Imagine a two year old and all they get up to and into. Now picture that two year old being five ft., one in. and 140 lbs. He is generally a happy guy who smiles a lot and like to give hugs. However, he doesn’t seem to understand how strong he is. Jimmy enjoys a range of activities: walking, riding his tricycle, swinging, riding in the car, having short stories read to him and watching musical DVD’s such as, Pavorati, Wiggles, Barney, and Veggie Tale Sing Alongs.

I am concerned for Jimmy’s future. He graduated from Hants East Rural Hight last June, 2015. He is allowed to stay in school until he turns 21- the day he turns 21.

I’ve filled out an application for Jimmy to attend CCOA (Corridor Community Options Society) starting May 17, 2017. It seems for Jimmy and three or four other low functioning adults on the list, that there is no programming and not enough room in their current location to accommodate them.

If nothing changes, Jimmy and these other complex need clients will fall through the cracks in out system. They’ll be doomed to sit at home and lose the companionship and structure that the rest of the special needs community enjoys.

Everyone deserves a place to belong. Especially in your own community.

Sally MacNearney and other parents of special needs children who feel their needs are not being met in the area will be holding a meeting at the Elmsdale Public Library on Sept. 27 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.