ENFIELD: Two siblings from Enfield are learning the entrepreneurial spirit by collecting money so they can attend summer hockey camps.

Brock and Paige Andrews are selling boxes of kindling so they can raise money themselves to be able to attend summer hockey schools, like the Girlz Rule Hockey camp put on locally. Between new gear and hockey registration, the venture is a way for the siblings to contribute to the cost of hockey themselves.

“We’re saving money for summer hockey camps so we can get better,” said Brock.
Paige said Cory, her dad, is getting the wood from Ledwidge Lumber so they can cut it up into kindling and then sell it to those wanting to purchase it.

“He’s cutting the wood helping us out,” said Paige, 6.

It’s not just a one person show. As Cory cuts the wood, Paige and Brock are stacking it in the boxes and then stacking them. So far they have had 52 orders, earning $5 a box for a total of almost $300.

“We put it in boxes and sell it,” said Brock.

Brock, 8, said it’s a good thing for him and his sister to do because it means their parents don’t need to shell out their hard earned money.

“It shows that we can earn our own money for stuff that we want to do,” he said.
Paige said it has taught them a lot.

“It has showed that we can do it if we want to and work at it,” she said.

People can purchase a box of kindling for $5 a box from Paige and Brock by dropping by their Parker Place Crescent home, contacting their mom Kelli Campbell

Andrews on Facebook, or by calling them at 902-430-3999 (cell) and 902-883-8859 (home).

The sales have been going good—on this day they were about 20 boxes behind in orders—but with team work they were slowly catching up.

“We’ve sold a lot of boxes,” he said.

Brock said they have received some positive feedback from their friends about their entrepreneurial spirit.

“They think it’s good that we are doing it this way instead of making our mom and dad spend their money on the camps for us,” he said.

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Patrick Healey
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