ENFIELD: Residents in Monte Vista — some who have their own home-based businesses — say they’re frustrated with the lack of action on having high-speed Internet service in their community.

Danny Hines and J.P. Cyr are two of the close to 100 residents who have signed a petition aimed at showing high speed service providers Bell and Eastlink who is willing to sign up for the service.

Cyr, who runs RYC Properties, had to take out an office in the Enfield area for his development business just to have high-speed Internet.

“I hadn’t realized that when we moved out here we had no high-speed Internet, especially since it’s only a couple of hundred yards away from the Monte Vista Road,” said Cyr. “The people here in this community have been suffering with the Internet service for years.”

In December 2016, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruled broadband Internet with download speeds of at least 50 megabits per second and upload speeds of at least 10 Mbps will now be considered a “basic telecom service.” It also said all customers, even in rural areas where plans often have low caps on data usage, should have access to unlimited options.

Hines said he and his wife both have home-based businesses and the lack of high-speed Internet makes it difficult to run their businesses.

“It keeps us both from doing some of our work at home,” said Hines. “Quite often we’ll have to go to a local coffee shop or somewhere either here or in the city with high-speed Internet to be able to take part in those meetings,” said Hines.

“My wife, for the longest time, actually rented an office in Enfield so she could do that type of stuff and function properly. That’s the kind of impact it has had on us.”

Hines said it’s not just the rural areas affected. He said the campaigning to get high speed to the area has really started strong in the last five or six years.

“We keep getting the same answers that there’s not enough density; the cost per house to run it is too high,” said Hines. “We keep hearing the same old excuses.”

MLA Margaret Miller isn’t happy either. She said the problem is a priority for the province and other levels of government. She said she has yet to be approached by those in Monte Vista with the concerns.

“I certainly have been hearing from people all over East Hants,” said Miller in an August 1 interview. “If you don’t live in the Corridor area chances are you don’t really have good high-speed Internet. It’s certainly something we’re working towards.

“Many people try to work from home and run their businesses from there, and they certainly can’t do it unless they have adequate high-speed Internet.”

Miller was told about the Hines’ situation of having to rent office space to do work. “That’s unacceptable in this day and age,” she said.

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Patrick Healey
Pat has grown up in East Hants, having called Milford, and now Enfield home. He graduated from the journalism program at Holland College in 2001, and has spent time at newspapers in NL and Alberton and Summerside, PEI before becoming a reporter/photographer at The Weekly Press/The Laker in October 2008. He has a rescue kitty named Asha that is much loved—and spoiled. Pat is also our "social engagement guru." Check him out on twitter!