OPINION: Freedom isn’t always sunshine and roses


Our neighbours to the south are undoubtedly going through tough times.

Now, even watching CNN can feel like you’re watching TMZ. In one day, the president can tweet about tension with North Korea and taking direct shots at NFL players, NBA players, and now we are taking shots at NHL players

As someone who has obsessed over news on all levels for as long as I can remember, I find I’m so disappointed in what’s becoming of the world that I’m getting more drawn to shutting the channels of communication off.

Now, it seems that home-town favourite Sidney Crosby is being dragged into the mud after the Pittsburgh Penguins accepted the invitation to the White House.

This is a long-standing tradition with championship winning teams, and the decision to accept or decline isn’t something that you or I really have a say in.

There has not been a political figure that I despise more than President Donald Trump, and if presented the opportunity to meet him, I’m quite sure I would turn it down. However, if a colleague of mine took the opportunity, I wouldn’t judge them.

Sidney Crosby is a member of a team, with many more members than just him. Sidney Crosby is also an athlete, not an activist.

I appreciate and agree that he has the opportunity to use the platform given to him to make a statement, however — he is not obligated to do what keyboard warriors think is right.

We’re talking about an athlete who gives back in a plethora of ways. He has been an outstanding ambassador of his sport, and his home of Nova Scotia. Accepting an invitation with his team does not take away from the character he has shown he has.

We have to stop dissecting every little thing that happens. Everybody is entitled to opinions but social media has made it too easy to defend them to death.

We’ve lost sight of the fact that everybody else has just as much right to express themselves as everyone else. They also have the right not to express their opinions.

Freedom comes in all shapes and sizes, and we need to accept and celebrate it in all forms, even if you don’t agree with it.

So, try to focus on the news that makes a difference, like right here in Nova Scotia, getting clean drinking water in all communities, or on a national scale, what a new NAFTA agreement could look like. Or, providing humanitarian aid to the countries and republics left devastated by hurricanes.

Let’s focus on what matters, instead of vilifying an athlete for taking part in a respectful tradition.

After all, we don’t have a clue what Sid the Kid might say or do once he’s in the oval office.

Abby Cameron

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Abby Cameron
Abby Cameron is the Editor of The Weekly Press and the Laker. She grew up in Shubenacadie and loves serving her home community. She has been with The Weekly Press for almost 10 years. In her spare time she enjoys kayaking, coaching, and spending time with her partner and two dogs.